What we offer:

  • Long Term Care
  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Compounding
  • Medical Supplies

Long Term Care

Rendering LTC services to our customers is our primary function here at Cal Care pharmacy. As a certified pharmacy, we are fully equipped with LTC facilities to suit your medical and/or non-medical needs, in cases where you can't take care of yourself for long periods.

Retail Pharmacy

Cal Care is your go-to pharmacy for any and every drug you seek to purchase. Offering a large database of prescriptions, alongside ever-ready-to-assist pharmacists, our retail pharmacy is one that leaves our customers with mesmerizing effects of experience, effectiveness, and great customer service.


At Cal Care, you have the express access to free consultation!

With us, you are opportune to have our trained and qualified pharmacists work hand-in-hand with you. Via this, you are opened to the option of getting your medications customized just to suit you as an individual patient.

Medical Supplies

Another daughter-sector of Cal Care Pharmacies is the extensive selection of Independent living product solutions. Our medical supplies cover medical equipment and products offering a wide range of solutions; compression garments, bathroom safety, lift chairs, health monitoring devices, wound care, mobility products, etc.

Why You Should Choose Cal Care Pharmacies

  • Only friendly, well-trained, and Licensed staff would answer when you call.
  • ¬†Always open; 7 days/week with free delivery on the same day with our electric car fleet.
  • Swift response to call; 24/7 on-call pharmacist.
  • Free bubble packaging for nursing homes and Long-Term Care facilities.
  • Provides only approved medical equipment and supplies.
  • Offers compounding services.
  • CBD - Pharmaceutical Grade certified 0% THC.
  • Affordability.
  • 3 licensed branches in the area to serve you.
  • Certified 340B pharmacy.
  • www.calcarepharmacy.com is the county's official site for unwanted medication and sharps disposal.

Your Health; Your Concern, Our Concern

Having understood the high extent of confidentiality involved in Prescription medications, we at Cal Care can boast confidently of our expertise in delivering even beyond par.

Our swift response to updates on new products and supplies has kept us farther in front of other competitors, thereby giving us an edge over them.

Despite our swift response to these updates in products and supplies, we still have surrendered ample time to all our prescriptions to undergo rigorous quality control.

Consisting of privately-owned pharmacies, we hold in high esteem, the ability to adapt to the needs and conditions of the local community. This includes but not limited to, our opening hours, multilingual staff, personal relationship with our team, and high-quality customer service, and many more.

Our pharmacists are happy and eager to offer you consultation services free of every charge.

Without gainsaying, our concern at Cal Care is you living in good health, as health they say, is wealth!

Should you have any question about your medication, please feel free to call or write your pharmacist here.